Who Is That Doll?


This big-titted brown-haired’s figure is ideal for contorting into the entire raunchiest postures you tush suppose up. However when you’ve got a figure like hers, the classical postures tush be simply as enjoyable. Crawling into sight on all 4s as her recent episode opens, Ohio local Lucy Lenore appears to be like well-prepped to take a doggie boning.

“Do not you favor my hefty booty in those denim?” Lucy says, slapping her ass.

We certain do, however we all know we’re going to like her booty much more out of them.

“Do not you wish to have to only take a sting?” Lucy provides.

In city lexicon, hefty donks are known as “apple bottoms,” and Lucy has one hefty sufficient to feed a smallish village. In fact, her caboose is not the one position during which Lucy is glad. The thickest explanation why Lucy is right here with us–and is a fresh dearest of the Brotherhood of XL Boys–is as a result of youth has huge butterballs.

“This hooter-sling makes my hooters glance so hefty,” Lucy says as youth gropes her J-cups. “It tush slightly comprise them.”

Not anything man-made tush comprise the ones women, however they are made to be confined in a bap guy’s forearms. Frankly, so is her entire figure. In case you’ve ever requested a bbw paramour what he luvs about those ladies, their mild, huggable kinks are on the most sensible of the record. They’re kissable, pinchable and made for mild bites and hefty nibbles.

Merely, they are the finest women on the planet. And this dame Lucy displays us the entire techniques during which they’re.

Date: April 15, 2023