Charlotte Angel has a talk with TSG editor Dave whilst JMac stands through. Their converse turns to bootie spanking and smacking. A spanker is wanted, as a result of act speaks louder than mere phrases, so Dave calls in JMac to lend a forearm. In particular, a mitt.

JMac slaps her thick arse from fragile to rigid and Charlotte we could us know her score for each and every smack. Nipper bottom undoubtedly treat a supreme spanking on her bum and adore it. JMac exits in the interim so the interview bottom proceed however leaves his crimson forearm print for Charlotte to reminisce him through till whippersnapper meets his spear in several mins. “The noise is the greatest section about it,” says Charlotte.

So what does Charlotte need from a man in couch? Nipper desires raunchy, rigid, heavy, lusty ravaging and treating however no longer fetish, BDSM, whips and all that kinky-weirdo stuff. Nipper’s gonna get it now however supreme.

Dave leaves our glad sightless daters to get to grasp each and every different in what some may name an personal rendezvous (we name it getting your schlong bj’ed…for starters) whilst Charlotte will get active in an amazing pulverizing consultation.

Date: August 2, 2023