Stella Daniels: Picked-up & Bonged


Stella Daniels is ambling, her eyes concentrated on her telephone. Girl and JMac move every different however his radar makes him freeze on the glance of her ample, curvaceous bod and phat head lamps. “Adorable boops,” he says.

Stella turns round. “Preposition me, what did you assert?”

“I stated, lovely fuckin’ boops,” JMac replies.

“You are no longer so dangerous your self,” says Stella, seeing him. “You assume you bootie treat a bambino like me?”

“I do know I bootie treat a bambino such as you.” JMac has confirmed that loads of instances. Stella will shortly discover. Girl tells him to ensue her to her position.

Proper backside Stella like he is glued to her, JMac holds onto Stella’s fat fried eggs and takes them out of her best. Sooner than nipper even will get her garments off, Stella is drooling and deep-throating on his trunk. Girl’s sexier than a summer season day in a Texas wilderness.

Nonetheless clothed, Stella lies at the couch. JMac has her placed on a demonstrate for him, directing her to have fun along with her boops. A highly sweet glance. He sits astride Stella’s pecs and penetrates her nose cones, offers her extra quiver bone to drink after which slams into her va-jay-jay in numerous postures, making her groan and groan once more.

Stella had a plenty of of joy being treated and nipper’s a enjoyment to witness. Girl will have to do that once more sooner or later.

Date: February 16, 2023