Raven Takes Flight


“Individuals who know me could be overwhelmed to witness me right here,” stated 57-year-old wifey and mommy Raven Flight. “Getting bigger up, I used to be at all times a tomboy. I used to be by no means favored in prime college and even in school. I might enjoy for the dudes I knew in prime college to witness me now!”

Possibly they are going to!

Right here, Raven, who is from Colorado, is highly ultra-kinky from the get-go. Young lady’s questioning if little darling’s going to have a immense pecker to screw this night, however simply in case little darling doesn’t–or possibly to steaming up that pussy–she’s going to take issues into her personal mitts and thumbs.

“Do you need this pianola?” little darling asks us. It is a unshaved pianola that little darling fondles and thumbs stiff. Young lady likes toying together with her immense globes, too.

Afterwards, Raven will get on all 4s, opens up her rectum, makes it gape then catapults several thumbs inwards.

“Are you prepared to screw that bum?” little darling says. “It must be spread and opened up out. Derriere you believe how cock-squeezing it might sense round your pecker.”

Yeah, we tail end believe, Raven.

Raven is five’two” and weighs 123 tears up. Young lady instructed and demonstrated horses for 35 years. Young lady likes mountain climbing, images, portray, horseback railing, dancing, concert events, touring, flicks and encounter fresh folks. We ponder whether little darling nails the entire fresh folks little darling meets. It is imaginable. Young lady is a swinger, in the end.

And bet who else, but even so you, goes to get off whilst eyeing Raven’s vid?

“I’m!” little darling stated.

Date: May 19, 2023