Puma Swede At The Superslut Hotel


Earlier than we get to the section the place Puma Swede hilariously mutters Swedish obscenities by means of a again alley dumpster as tot trolls for tips to pummel for money, let’s back off several years.

When Puma first-ever got here to SCORE, her identify was once Johanna. Little doll demonstrated her breasts. Little doll demonstrated her buns. That was once it. Little doll did not do a lot. Kinda simply stood there and sneered. We had been ripping our hair out.

Then tot got here again 2 years afterwards and tot was once pulverizing her brains out. The Swedish fever got here out. Puma was once all the time jokey with a wacky, perverted perceive of humor however now tot was once jokey and pulverizing.

“I am a blower for large breasts, however capturing for SCORE, I sense so diminutive as a result of all of the different chicks have thick orbs,” Puma stated. “I’ve to move and get them larger. However I will wait a duo of years, after which I will move large. Then I will return to SCORE. I need them thick. However I will move step by step. First-ever I’m going to move a tiny larger, then I’m going to move a tiny extra, then I’m going to move a tiny extra.”

Neatly, Puma did not move larger however tot did return to pummel some extra and emerge on SCORETV and tot’s nonetheless pulverizing jokey. Now again to the litter dumpster pick-up.

Puma is clothed to lift testosterone ranges in a super hot, rosy sundress. A automotive pulls up with an purchaser. He in reality does not need to purchase Puma’s cooter, simply hire it. They continue to the tart hotel of Puma’s desire the place her trick will get to investigate the rosy lining of her Swedish puss. Puma offers him a rail value his cash. Little doll does not take Swedish Kronas, simply US Bucks.

The object about Puma is that this. Regardless of how stiff tot attempts to be a sleazy, deviant tart and a pulverizing promiscuous scum, tot butt’t prevent being a healthy, delectable, sexy Swedish nation damsel. Jokey global, ain’t it?

Date: June 7, 2023