Hottie Care & The Fellow


A wander is greater than a wander when Hottie Care heads out for a wander. It is a breast-shaking, boob-trembling, tit-jiggling strut for any person who watches her ambling. A parade of girl pulchritude. Striding expectantly alongside the road, shoulders swaying carefree from side-to-side, Hottie is luving the day. Her half-top is unbuckled simply sufficient to flash quite a lot of bosom.

Hottie’s next-door neighbor Jason watches Hottie passing by way of him to head house and calls out to her. Hottie turns and asks him if he’d like to come back along with her. They stroll again to her position and head hetero to the bed room.

Hottie will get into couch and Jason instantaneously heads for Hottie’s yam-sized hummers from nates her, cramming his forearms with that tastey, tastey breast-flesh. He wraps his mitts below her Thelma and Louise and wiggles Hottie so he cheeks observe the skin heisenbergs juggle and shake.

With Hottie now nude in high-heeled shoes, Jason maneuvers Hottie so suckling’s on her arms and knees, hummers hanging and crams her humid jaws with dragon. Hottie makes purrs of gratification as Jason pumps her facehole. Turning Hottie round in order that her large, fleshy hunkers is earlier than him to recognize, Jason pushes into her pinkish fat upper pussy area and provides her the very first ravage from nates earlier than switching up their postures. There is a pile of Hottie to relish and dick-down and he goals to sate her.

Date: March 6, 2023