Goth Will Get The Cooter


Wack milky rapper, 1 Da Bred simply went dual gold. In truth, he simply spray-painted some information gold, however the gals do not wish to know all that. Particularly Cheetah Blige, whom he catches sight of in the street in lil’, milky, lace boyshorts together with her immense ol’ arse simply hangin’ out.

1 Da Bred takes her again to his (granny’s) building to demonstrate her his information after which teenager flashes him simply how mighty that immense arse of hers is. He provides her the manstick so rock-hard that teenager vows he’s primary. Witness that immense ass shake in doggie, cowgirl after which ultimately get adorned with a molten fountain of jizz. 1 da Bred may suppose he’s da stud, however the best way teenager works that onion makes Cheetah a starlet!

Date: November 27, 2022