“I am getting revved on once I fumble my very own soles and grope my nice feet,” says long legged light-haired Ashlynn. “Notably when somebody is eyeing me. I care to do issues with my soles, too. I used my feet to select up a paintbrush and paint the partitions. And that used to be joy, however what used to be much more joy used to be sitting at the ladder and taking a look down at my pal who filmed me. I do know that he luvs soles, too, so it used to be crazy to sit down above him and feature him witness me have fun with my feet and get revved on. Sitting above him gave me a perceive of energy. It made me sense like a princess on a throne. Subsequent time, I’m going to make him deepthroat my soles whilst he sits underneath me.”

Date: March 8, 2023