Let Me Lend A Hand You With Your Footwear


“It is jokey how alternatives stand up while you least hope them. I used to be transporting a lot of my footwear out in a bag so I may donate them to a charity when the bag bankrupt open and my footwear got here tumbling out far and wide the sidewalk. However then, my neighbor stepped in to rescue me and helped me lift the whole thing again inwards. Interestingly, he appeared truly interested by my footwear. And that is the reason once I knew that he used to be being extra than simply useful…that insane crank wished to stay his stiffy in my footwear and my coochie. I let him come directly to me. In spite of everything, I enjoy it when folks have fun with the bottoms of my soles. They are truly sensitized. And jism at all times makes them sense so fragile and velvety sleek. So that you witness, chance got here knocking and I opened the door and my coochie for it. You realize what they are saying, out with the senior and in with the fresh stiffy!”

Date: April 9, 2023