You Rear End At All Times Eat It


Candace, you informed us years in the past that your butt used to be off boundaries, proper?

“Sure, I did, and it’s nonetheless off boundaries. However that does not imply that I don’t need it toyed with a tiny! [Laughs.] I’ve a newfound gratitude for butt have fun. I by no means knew that such a lot of dudes had been into pleasuring bootie, however I’m blessed that I detected as a result of I enjoy sitting on a dude’s face and taking a rail on his humid tongue!”

You find it irresistible once they throw that salad?

“Sure! However provided that I seat plant my butt bum on his face. It is plowing steaming and empowering to inform a dude to lick your butt out after which strangle his face along with your bootie. It is insane and crazy. I’m going to rail a dude’s face and have fun with my clittie till I jism. And once I jism, I polish my butt on his tongue and I moan, ‘Style all that dark-skinned sugar, mademoiselle!'”

Date: August 6, 2023