Yam-sized Cuban Bootie


Down right here in Miami, the Cubans have a word: Donk Grande. It manner “Yam-sized Bootie.” Gents, Samantha Bell certainly has a bum grande.

On this sequence, Samantha desires to have fun with some nuts. Tot wiggles her bootie over to a pool desk the place Rocky is already taking pictures a sport. He provides her the cue. Then he provides her a lesson in how you can hang the stick. Then he pulls her panty inbetween her huge bootie gluteus maximus and tucks trio frigs into her pinkish face flower. As newborn grasps his cock opener, newborn’s jiggling her jelly-ass and making it flex. Shortly sufficient, Rocky has his wand submerged in her fillet, making her cappuccino-colored bootie tremble with every push.

Rocky used to be in this kind of hurry to get inwards Samantha, he did not even trouble setting out her pinkish panty till midway thru their amazing romp. When newborn does eventually lose her underpants, it is just in order that newborn does not get any torrid jizm on them.

Date: February 22, 2023