Obese Of Applause


“So what are you going to do to me?” Virgo Peridot asks as our gig opens.

Oh, you backside’t ask dudes like us questions like that. There is a laundry listing of messy issues we need to do to women who view like this. And our cadetstar Stallion is ready to run down that listing nowadays. He embarks with a super-cute, rock hard smack on Virgo’s ass–which is so immense it takes several moments for it to prevent wiggling.

“Come on, lamb,” Stallion reacts. “I will demonstrate you.”

Virgo and Stallion budge over to the sofa and Virgo commences to make her culo clap. However, clapping is probably not the hottest technique to describe it. When Virgo makes her culo clap, it feels like a chubby of applause.

“You favor that culo?” imp asks as imp ejaculates her vanilla apple caboose.

This lamb is happy. And Stallion is one successful boy.

Date: March 9, 2023